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Katy Perry has been spending a lot of time with DJ Diplo – in and out of the studio.

The pair has been “kicking it” lately, but Katy is not trying to get serious. Radar Online reports the two music stars have been hooking up:

“When Katy and Diplo first hooked up, it was sort of pre-meditated,” a close friend of Perry’s tells exclusively.

“But they are very much in lust with each other right now and even working on some new music, as he wants to help her rebrand her sound,” the source adds.

Katy is just having fun, so when you see her with Riff Raff and Diplo, don’t take it too seriously. In fact, Katy is still reportedly hurt from ex John Mayer cheating on her.

“Katy does want kids one day but definitely not right now,” the insider adds. “She thought that she was going to have kids with John, but that ended when she caught him cheating.”

The source says Katy is having a lot more fun with Diplo than she had with John. Do your thing, girl.