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It’s almost cuffing season and this guy used Bobby Shmurda’s hit “Hot N*gga” to propose to his girlfriend. That’s right; it was pretty epic.

But this is just one in a long history of viral proposals. Check out the list of some of the best ones we could find online – and enjoy some love on your lazy Friday.

Matt tells his girlfriend Ginny he has to work, so he can’t go to the movies with her. But when she gets there, she gets the biggest surprise ever.

Sure, this isn’t a wedding proposal, but the prom is like a wedding when you’re in high school. This Walter White proposal is pretty dope, bitch. 

Props for finding all the dancing Jews, but when Isaac broke out the Bruno Mars to propose to his bae? One word – Epic.

Brandon can’t sing, but he did a full on Jagged Edge performance that someone caught on tape.

Disneyland is a grrreat place to get married.

The best reaction!

The Green Proposal.

Ask your girlfriend if she wants to battle, then get down on one knee. She gon’ get this work.


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