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Omarion and his former B2K band member Lil Fizz took their ladies out on a double date to Katsuya in West Hollywood.

Omarion brought along the mother of his child Apryl Jones, while Fizz showed up with his girlfriend Amanda Secor. All four of them are featured on the hot new season of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

Omarion and Apryl recently sat down with us and told the GlobalGrind fam why they joined the show. Fizz, on the other hand, is in a little bit of hot water for saying that women should accept a man cheating. During a recent interview, Fizz said:

“Here’s the difference between women and men. See, we will cheat and we will drop that b#tch the next day. Ya’ll, when ya’ll cheat, ya’ll really like the n##ga! Ya’ll really like him. So, it’s like, that’s why it’s not acceptable. You know what I mean? To a certain degree, it’s not acceptable at that point.”

At least he left with the same lady after dinner…But Omarion, on the other hand, was sure about the person he was taking care of that night – his son Megaa.


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