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Will Smith is a really good looking guy.

That’s kind of obvious, because the woman he married and has kept on his arm for nearly two decades, Jada Pinkett Smith, is one of the most gorgeous women to ever hit Hollywood. He got pull.

We see what Jada sees in Will – he’s handsome, he’s always got a smile on that handsome face, and he’s funny.

All of these years later, the actress still cites kissing her hubby as some of the best times of her life. In a birthday message she wrote to Will this morning on Facebook, Jada gushed:

“Will, Some of the best moments of my life have been kissing you:) You have been such a gift to me and a gift of light to the world! Happy Birthday Sweets and as you always tell me…I love you to the moon. Your wife:)”

It’s true…Will is a one of a kind guy.

So, to celebrate his 46th birthday today (can you believe he’s 46?!), we gathered 19 of his most handsome moments. Because did we mention he’s a really good looking guy?

Yes, you Will. Happy birthday!

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