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Prosecutors in St. Louis County, Missouri are investigating a possible leak from the grand jury hearing evidence in Michael Brown’s shooting. The leak suggests there isn’t enough information to warrant charging Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot him in August.

The information came from a Twitter user claiming to know about the jury’s proceedings.

From the Washington Post:

In one of those messages, a person tweeted that they are friends with a member of the jury who doesn’t believe there is enough evidence to warrant an arrest of the officer, Darren Wilson.

The same person who tweeted about being friends with a member of the jury has also tweeted messages of support for Wilson.

Ed Magee, spokesman for county prosecutor Robert McCulloch, confirmed activist Shaun King provided the information on the Twitter user on Wednesday:

The jury has been reviewing evidence since Aug. 20. McCulloch told the Washington Post last week that the county police and the FBI are “pretty much” done with the investigation. McCulloch also said the jurors should be done hearing evidence by the end of this month.

The jury is expected to decide by mid-November if Officer Wilson will be charged.

If an investigation into the leak determines there was a breach, the prosecutors’ office may have to start over with a new grand jury.

“The matter has been referred to the prosecuting attorney for investigation,” said a statement from the St. Louis County court administrator. “The court will hear the matter and take appropriate action, if the prosecutor finds cause to believe misconduct has occurred.”

Brown’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump, urged a thorough investigation.

“If this allegation is true and there is a member of the grand jury who is discussing the case with a Darren Wilson supporters the appropriate thing for the prosecutor to do is impanel a new grand jury,” Crump said in an interview Wednesday night. “If this person is discussing the case outside of the grand jury it is wholly inappropriate. It’s an issue of fairness for Michael Brown’s family.”

We’ll keep you updated with the latest.

SOURCE: Washington Post, CNN | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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