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Come November 1, you’ll be able to buy some of Snoop Doggs fancy footwear. No, we’re not talking about his ultra-luxe loafers.

Today, Happy Socks unveils their latest line, “The Art of Inspiration,” a project in collaboration with Tha Doggfather himself to encourage artistic expression.

“For many years, I’ve always wanted to paint, and I’ve been exploring the craft behind the scenes. I find that painting allows me to explore certain emotions I’ve never been able to express through my music or acting,” said Snoop. “The collaboration with Happy Socks is so natural, because they saw what I was doing and provided me with another platform to further display my artistic abilities.”

The socks can be purchased as a $40 box set or individually for $12 and feature quintessential Snoop patterns. One pair comes in a blue paisley print pattern with the words “gin” and “juice” on the toes, another have a mix of marijuana leaves and lions, while the third are more about his artistic side.

Check them out below before heading over to the Happy Socks site to place a preorder.

Photos Courtesy of Happy Socks

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