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After it was announced that Neil Patrick Harris would be the host of next year’s Academy Awards, the internet has been abuzz saying that he may not have been the first choice for the show’s producers – Chris Rock was.

Although fans got excited that Rock could have been the upcoming Oscar host, he denied the offer, saying:

“I didn’t get an offer. I mean, it’s Neil Patrick Harris. It’s like, who would pick me before Neil Patrick Harris? He’s an amazing host.”

You never know, Chris.

When the seventh installment of Fast & Furious hits theaters next year, fans will notice that the trailers and posters have received a little face-lift. According to an article in Cinema Blend, the title will dump the ‘Fast and,’ and be known simply as Furious 7.

Universal announced that the first trailer will be released on November 1st. The studio is going all out with the event, which kicks off at 12PM PST and 3PM EST on Saturday the 1st, with a special live event where questions will be answered by Furious 7 stars. The film hits theaters April 2015.

Just in time for Halloween, thriller flick Ouija dominated the box office over the weekend. The film raked in $20 million days before Halloween, taking the number one spot. Coming in second was the Keanu Reeves action flick John Wick, which earned $14.2 million. And the Brad Pitt World War II tank drama Fury nabbed third with $13 million.

Walking Dead creators are giving fans another glimpse inside their latest episode. In this suspenseful episode, Ricks group and the Terminus group face off. Check out episode 503 “Four Walls and A Roof ” above.

Boardwalk Empire also gave fans the scoop on the series finale. Go inside the episode above.

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