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Lorde is a hot, young commodity in music right now, but nonetheless, we still haven’t gotten inside of that pretty little head of hers.

The “Royals” singer recently sat down to talk with Billboard for their next issue’s cover story, and she let us dive in a just a little bit. Speaking on working hard while touring, performing, and doing award shows, as well as her friendships with people in the industry, Lorde gives us a good look at who she is on a daily basis.

She said of her relationship with Taylor Swift:

“She brings an intelligence, an edge and a wit that we haven’t seen in mainstream pop music in a very long time. We play each other new music we’re working on. We cheer each other on. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.”

She also shared what happened when she had to call Kanye West, her “idol,” on the phone  to ask him to remix her “Yellow Flicker Beat:”

“I’m the worst person ever at talking to people I don’t know on the phone — I can’t even order pizza,” she says. “I would put off calling him. I’d say, it’s 12:57, I’ll do it at 1.”

Lorde also spoke on convincing her label to let her make an album rather than a simple EP:

“I knew this was right for me as an artist and I felt it would be cool for my career,” Lorde says of the soundtrack. “People that see me as having a couple of hits and performing on an awards show would see that, between records, I’d committed to a pretty serious body of work.”

Check out more of Lorde’s Billboard cover story here.

SOURCE: Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Billboard 

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