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It feels good to celebrate the lives of good people who passed way too soon. So today, we’re celebrating the life of Dr. Donda West, notably known as the woman who gave birth to one of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time – Kanye West.

Unfortunately, today marks the seven-year anniversary of Dr. West’s untimely death, but thankfully, her legacy lives on through the Dr. Donda West Foundation and Kanye’s creative house DONDA.

Since her passing, the Dr. Donda West Foundation has provided hundreds of Chicago youth with the opportunity to pursue a career in music, as well as summer employment to keep them off the streets during Chicago’s highest crime season.

If she were still living, Dr. West would definitely be proud of her son who is now a father, husband, fashion icon, and businessman. To celebrate her life, we rounded up our 15 favorite photos of Donda and her beloved baby boy.

Scroll through the gallery of Kanye and his mother below.

Rest in power, Donda.


15 Pictures Of Kanye & His Mother Donda (PHOTOS)
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