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Former MTV host Ed Lover wants what’s rightfully his from ESPN!

Lover is accusing ESPN of ripping off a signature phrase, telling TMZ Sports that he originated the famous “C’mon Man” segment, which was one of his most memorable segments as host of Yo! MTV Raps.

Lover claims that ESPN stole the catchphrase and segment for its Monday night countdown. ESPN denies the accusations, claiming that the segment is “something Keyshawn Johnson and other ESPN analysts said to one another while watching games together so we decided to make a segment using the phrase.”

Lover says he seriously considered taking legal action against the network but one thing stopped him, his granddaughter, since the company is owned by Disney. Classic!


AMC is taking you behind the scenes of The Walking Dead Episode 506: Consumed. If you haven’t seen the episode, be careful, there are spoilers.

In this episode Daryl and Carol embark on a mission to save Beth. Check out the video above.

Dumbness prevailed at the box office this weekend. In at number 1 was Dumb and Dumber To with $38 million. That’s more than double the earnings of the first Dumb and Dumber film back in 1994, and is the highest debut for a Farrelly Brothers picture.

Big Hero 6 came in at number two with $36 million, followed by Interstellar with $29.1 million.

SOURCE: TMZ, Screen Rant, AMC TV | PHOTO CREDIT: AMC, Universal, Twitter