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What could a top rapper, known for his hot temper and tendency to ruffle the feathers of hip-hop fans, have in common with a clean-cut, comedic legend? Although their chemistry may seem unlikely, Wale and Jerry Seinfeld seem to have found a middle ground on which to connect. In addition to collaborating on Wale’s The Mixtape About Nothing, the two seem to have established a personal relationship that centers around common interests and sharing intelligence with each other that they’ve gained from their years in the spotlight.

Now, these two BFF’s will be at it again on Wale’s upcoming The Album About Nothing. But first, they teamed up for the December 2014 cover of Complex magazine. In a joint interview accompanying the cover, they dished the album, twitter hecklers, strippers, and Wale’s infamous Complex phone call rant.

So, what IS one interest they have in common? Wale is known for being a sneaker enthusiast, and, believe it or not, Seinfeld’s got love for kicks as well. Rocking a pair of Huaraches on the cover, Jerry states in the interview he understands the importance of having a fresh pair on deck:

JS: They say you judge a man by his wife, his car, and his shoes. Those three things will tell you everything you need to know him. I got into white sneakers because of Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Joe Namath. Those were the two guys wearing white in the NFL. All of a sudden, the game had a lot more flair.

Wale also seems to be more well-versed than Jerry when it comes to strippers:

When’s the last time you were in a strip club, Jerry?

JS: A bachelor party in the mid-’90s. I went reluctantly. You know, you go there and it’s just…you know.

W: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

JS: It’s exactly what it’s cracked up to be. It’s just not cracked up that high.

W: Well, Magic City is an experience.

JS: Is that in Atlanta? I don’t know what that is. But I know what girls are.

W: Yeah. Never say never. You have social gatherings at Magic City. Chicken socials and shit like that. You just go there with your friends. It’s different. I’ve done interviews at Magic City.

JS: I know what you’re saying. I understand chicken and naked women.

W: Can’t beat that.

While the name Wale is quick to be associated sneakers, he’s even more so known for social media outbursts, as we often see The Gifted rapper go into rants, and argue with twitter hecklers. His elder friend has some valuable advice for him – pay it no mind:

JS: It has no substance for me. It’s like when somebody has a cigarette and they blow the smoke in your face. It’s going to be gone in two seconds. I don’t care. [Looks at Wale.] Oh, he’s upset. [Laughs.]

W: I handle it differently. It’s different!

JS: Why do you give these people meaning?

W: I don’t know, Jerry. I don’t know.

JS: You don’t have to! It’s your choice.

W: I try to rationalize with people. Like, “Why do you feel this way?”

JS: Who cares!?

W: I don’t know. Nine times out of 10, when I respond, I just want to find out what’s the root of it. Somebody says, “If I fuck with him, he’s gonna react.” What then? Did you win any money? Did your life become better? Why would you do that? Why is this entertaining to you? I just don’t understand why.

JS: Yeah, well I have a terrace at my apartment and it’s fantastic. You have to come see it sometime. Every time I go out on that terrace I think, Maybe I’ll jump. [Wale laughs.] Because if I jump, the list of things I don’t have to do is so long, the issues I don’t have to deal with. All I have to do is jump and everything is taken care of! Now, I don’t jump. But I don’t care to know why I want to jump. What’s the difference why? The mind is not that great.

One of Wale’s more memorable outbursts was directed at Complex and interestingly enough, despite his advice, Jerry enjoyed it. As most of us did.

JS: I enjoyed it. I was laughing so hard.

W: I got burned for that, though.

JS: You did?!

W: Yeah, a lot of people called me on that.

JS: Why?

W: Because it’s not good to call and yell at people and be like that.

JS: I disagree. That was fun for everyone involved. Even the guy on the phone, look at the story he got. You filled in a lot of air with that.

So, with their unlikely, yet very natural bond made clear, we’re all waiting to see what these two have in store on The Album About Nothing.

JS: There’s no collaborating, it’s his album.

W: No….

JS: He asked me to be part of it and talk. It’s his gift, I’m just a bystander. I love being around him and watching how he does it because it’s different from what I do. It’s a whole different process.

W: I’m funneling his wisdom. I talk to Jerry and I listen. Then I go to the studio and capture those moments. What do I agree with? Am I conveying this message to a broader audience? It’s like a writing drill. Jerry talks in metaphor a lot. When “this” is like “that,” it’s easy for everybody to understand.

JS: When I did the TV series, there was a writer on the show named Larry Charles. He said that if I were a superhero, I’d be “Analogy Lad.” If you had a problem, Analogy Lad would bust into the wall and say, “You know what this is like?” He can’t help you, but he’ll tell you exactly what it’s like.

Call it what you want Jerry, we’ll be listening either way.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Complex

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