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CNN’s Don Lemon has managed to find himself in the news instead of covering it. Lemon offended victims and survivors of sexual assault recently when he asked Cosby accuser, Joan Tarshis, why she didn’t bite the comedian when she was forced to give him oral sex.

If you missed the exchange, check it out above.

While Lemon apologized for his actions and briefly addressed his own unfortunate sexual assault story, his actions only mirror one of the many reasons why domestic violence and rape victims refuse to come forward with their stories. Also it doesn’t help that he says he’s skeptical about her situation.

Lemon has proved time after time his poignant and often courageous take on race, politics, and social issues during his time at CNN, but he’s also been pretty harsh and sometimes oblivious to the offensive remarks he says on black culture and more. Check out some other reasons Don Lemon has proved to be the absolute worst.

1. Do I Know You?

Rapper and activist Talib Kweli was disrespected by Don Lemon during their interview in Ferguson. The rapper was one of many (Killer Mike, David Banner, Nelly)  to come forward to talk about the injustices plagued by young black men in light of the death of Michael Brown. The interview got off on the wrong foot when Kweli accused the media of showing a certain perspective of the conflicts in Ferguson. To make matters worse, the anchor shades the rapper on Twitter, claiming he wasn’t wanted on the show anyway.

Professional much?

2. Yes, Talking Points 

During the Trayvon Martin trial, Don Lemon dropped a few hints on how to save the black community during his “No Talking Points” segment. The anchor sided with FOX’s Bill O’ Reilly and his views on how the black community is failing itself by throwing around the “N” word, fighting each other, and wearing saggy pants. Instead of pointing out why people like Reily shouldn’t generalize an entire race on stereotypes, Lemon hops along the bandwagon to give viewers some “tough love” that resulted in backlash towards the anchor’s hasty approach.

3. Lemon Blames Black People For Justin Bieber’s Racist Jokes

Bieber’s legal issues with DUI’s, speeding, and egging his neighbor’s homes were all pushed to the side when dated videos revealed the singer joking about the KKK and saying the “N” word. Who’s fault is that you ask? Lemon blamed the African-American community for making it okay for Bieber to joke about slaves and the Ku Klux Klan because the rapper is influenced by black culture. While Bieber’s teen years have proved that his (slightly) corny style mirrors black culture, the four-year-old videos show Bieber before his douchey ways and a tween who was influenced by pure ignorance, not blacks. Nice try Lemon. 

4. Stop & Frisk: Why Not?

During the height of NYC’s “Stop & Frisk” policy last year, African-Americans and Latinos were the target of the debatable initiative. Lemon, on the other hand, believed the program to be safe even though it wasn’t “politically correct.” The anchor appeared on Tom Joyner’s morning show to defend the policy and claim it reduced crime. While the numbers on the that remain questionable, it was recently reported that since Mayor Bill De’Blasio took office, the reformation of Stop & Risk has helped reduce the crime rate with the lowest numbers in crime since 1994. [NY Daily News]

5. Lemon Blasts Adrian Peterson In Wake Of Son’s Death

Lemon pointed his finger in the face of Adrian Peterson in October 2013 after news that his youngest son was killed by his ex’s current boyfriend. The anchor went on to blame the former NFL player for his son’s death because of statistics. Lemon claimed single-parent homes have more chances of abuse than others, which has been proved wrong time and time again. The anchor attempted to make valid points about parental guidance at the worst time, no?

6. Flight 370 & Black Holes?

Don Lemon wanted to entertain some of the web’s most insane conspiracy  theories towards the disappearance of flight 370, including black holes. Yes, black holes. Not only was it offensive to victims’ families, but the scientists on the panel who brushed off the question.

7. Fact or Homeland

Lemon rarely plays into pop culture bits, but the anchor might have watched too much “Homeland” when he compared an actual war prisoner to a character from the hit show.

8. How To Train Your Pet Kid

The outspoken anchor decided to compare beating dogs to children to back up his views on disciplining his children. Yea, because dogs and children are the same. Lemon says spanking a child can be impactful on a child’s mindset the same way a dog would associate pain with doing bad things.