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We’re still upset with Wendy Williams after the Aaliyah biopic, but we’re going to do our best to try and move on.

Yesterday, Nick Jonas – forever our #MCM – sat down with the famed talk show host, and talked all things adult. And when we say adult, we mean sex. Yes, Nick is making sure the world knows he’s no kid anymore.

Of course, Wendy got the scoop on whether or not Nick, who rocked a purity ring in his teens, is still a virgin. Ladies, the answer is no.

While there, he told the 50-year-old media personality that as far as wearing the ring:

“I don’t regret it. I think it was an important part of my childhood and it was that. As I grew up, I sort of figured out what was important to me and my own belief system. We all grow up and we all live life and find out what’s important to us, that’s what happened. I went on that journey myself and I’m now comfortable with who I am and what I believe in and I’m an adult in all ways.”

And when asked if he was still a virgin, Nick answered subtly:

“As I said, I’m an adult in all ways.”

Lawd, Jesus… watch the 22-year-old reassert his manhood via the clip above.


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