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We are witnessing the changing of the guard in TV and film. Hollywood is getting a facelift. Leading roles are going to new faces we kind of know, but need to know better.

Beyond The Lights starred Gugu Mbatha Raw and Nate Parkers two very talented actors but not necessarily household names. TV shows are giving chances to actors like Alfred Enoch who grew up as a secondary character in the Harry Potter series.

Next month we will get to see many of the faces of tomorrow in action in movies like Annie, Selma and Empire on Fox. So take a look at 10 new actors and actresses you should be on the lookout for because they are about to pop!

Quvenzhane Wallis – This young lady is the youngest woman to ever be nominated for an Oscar for her role in Beast Of The Southern Wild now she’s set to star in Annie this Christmas.

Gugu Mbatha Raw – While she’s not a household name yet her name has been getting thrown around as best actress prior to this Award season for her role in Belle but it’s Beyond The Lights that has her winning the hearts of people all over America.

Tessa Thompson – She’s the lead actress in the indie hit Dear White People and has an amazing role as Diane Nash in Selma the first major motion picture on Martin Luther King Jr she’s a bright star for the future.

Trai Byers – He has a role in Selma and he’s slated to be one of the main characters in Fox new show Empire alongside Oscar nominated actors Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson. You might remember him from CW’s 90210 as well, so expect big things from him.

Alfred Enoch – First he learned about Witchcraft at Hogwarts and now he’s learning “How To Get Away With Murder on the hit ABC TV show. Alfred has a bright future ahead of him.

Rotimi – You’ve seen this guy in small roles in movies like Divergent and Black Nativity and you can see him as a regular character on Starz show Power which is produced by 50 Cent. He’s also a very talented singer as well so if one hustle doesn’t work the other one will.

Michael Che – Michael went from the Daily Show to the new face of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. Get familiar.

Jerrod Carmichael – He’s one of the funniest men on the planet. He stole the show in Neighbors, put out his first stand up special on HBO called Jerrod Carmichael Live At The Store which was directed by Spike Lee. This guy is it.

Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach – He’s taking vine by storm has appeared in some of your favorite shows like The Mindy Project, House of Lies and as well as Black Jesus. Andrew is doing the damn thing and redefining how to make it in Hollywood.

The Lucas Bros – Kenneth and Keith those two funny ass twins who starred in 22 Jump Street. They have their own show The Lucas Bros Moving Co and Friends of the People on Fox.