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Jeremih‘s name is at the top of the charts due to his single “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” but we don’t see his face all over our television screens, or in many music videos, like you would expect.

This, apparently, is something that the R&B singer blames himself for, as he has hit some snags in his career due to not showing up to video shoots, lack of support from his label Def Jam, and other factors.

He recently did an interview with Billboard magazine, in which he talks about why things have turned out the way they have for him, despite being one of the most talented in R&B these days.

He told the magazine:

“I blame myself,” the singer says, sitting on the rooftop of West Hollywood hotel Palihouse. “I had a video scheduled. I just didn’t show up to it because of…” he trails off, declining to elaborate. “I’m not going to point my finger at somebody else at this point.”

“When you can count on your hands how many videos you’ve done in your career, when you’ve never performed your hits on TV, something’s not right,” admits Jeremih Felton, 27. “Everyone always wants to say I’m shy. I don’t think so, but there’s a disconnect with my fans. I want my fans to see me — that’s what they never do.”

He also said of his label Def Jam:

“I see other artists and how they’re supported. It’s hard when I’m on a roster with Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kanye West.”

He also had to battle the mother of his 2-year-old son in court recently, as she wouldn’t let him see the boy for quite some time. He revealed:

“I stopped caring about being Jeremih over the last few months,” he says. “A lot of people don’t know I have a 2-year-old son. His mom wasn’t allowing me to see him, and it was messing with me. I was internally unbalanced. But I just got out of that trial and I won.”

Jeremih also talks about how his music didn’t showcase his true talents over the years:

“It never felt right,” he says. “‘Down on Me’ can’t showcase my true talent. ‘Birthday Sex’ was robotic. When I perform it, I can’t give you this church feeling I know I can give.”

To read more from Jeremih’s insightful interview, head over to Billboard!

SOURCE: Billboard 

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