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What do we get when Pharrell, Cara Delevingne, and Karl Lagerfeld collaborate? Greatness. More specifically? A short film for design house Chanel called “Reincarnation,” which will feature a new song from Pharrell and some vocals from model Cara as well.

The film retraces the history of the iconic Chanel jacket. Gabrielle Chanel (Cara) is vacationing in Salzburg, Austria in 1954 when she meets an elevator-boy, portrayed by Pharrell, who wears a jacket that inspires the Chanel design.

According to the man behind the camera, director and Chanel designer Uncle Karl, chemistry was awesome on set. On working with Pharrell, Lagerfeld tells WWD:

“He was easy to work with, very pleasant. He’s very professional.”

While Cara is known for killin’ it as a supermodel, Lagerfeld also reveals that singing is something she’s been thinking of doing for some time.

“[Cara] wanted to sing for a long time. For her to start singing with Pharrell is not that bad, no?”

Not bad at all. The new track from Pharrell and Cara is called “CC The World,” and you can hear the full version, as well as watch the complete short film, when it premieres on on December 1. In the meantime, watch the sneak peek below.


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