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Chris Rock has a winner on his hands with his new movie Top Five.

The film, which Rock wrote, directs, and stars in, is set in New York City, and follows a comedian who lost his mojo and is trying to be taken seriously as actor, after rising to fame by playing a talking bear that is also a cop.

The legendary comic sat down with BlogXilla to talk about his new film, his controversial SNL monologue, and his brother Tony Rock’s comments about Bow Wow’s relationship with Erica Mena.

Check out some excerpts below.

Chris Rock on his sex scene with Karlie Redd & Cedric The Entertainer:

“The scene was written, I’m not going to say as is, but it was supposed to be a guy having sex with two girls and the promoter busts in. Luckily we just had happy accidents. A pillow broke and instead of making it something bad, we made it something good. It’s so much better than it was on the page.”

Chris Rock on getting Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld in a black strip club:

“Hey, I’m a comedian, I’m getting married. I’m black so my bachelor party will be at a black strip club and comedians would come. When I got married, I remember Sandler at my bachelor party. That’s how it was, kind of. Even my wedding, one of my best memories was Adam Sandler dancing with one of my fat aunts.”

Chris Rock on making another comedy special: 

“You’ll probably get a tour, but I don’t know about a special. I got to tour first, then special. You don’t want to do a special until it’s special, you don’t want to do a regular.”

Chris Rock on people still calling him by his New Jack City character:

“I get called Pookie more than anything. Sometimes I tip a hat to it. It’s 20 years, that’s a long time to be a crackhead.”

Chris on calling his brother after that Bow Wow tweet

“It’s my brother, of course I’m going to ride with my brother. At the same time I definitely texted him like, ‘Dude my man’s getting married you got to respect that,’ but yeah of course, I ride with my brother. That’s my brother. Even when he’s wrong!”

Chris Rock on his SNL opening monologue:

“What do you remember from that night? You remember my monologue and you remember Prince.”

Top Five hits theaters December 5th. Check out more from GlobalGrind’s chat with Chris Rock above.

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