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The chaos hasn’t stopped since it was announced Darren Wilson would not be indicted after killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Reportedly, protesters in Ferguson even took it as far as to burn the American flag over the weekend. A young man lit the flag in front of the Ferguson Police Department along with his friends.

The Daily Mail reports:

Burning the United States flag was for a time illegal in almost every state, but the Supreme Court overturned all such laws in 1989 after deciding it is protected by the First Amendment.

The extreme act of protest follows demonstrations up and down the country, in which many have said the fallout from the shooting makes them ashamed to be Americans.

Following the verdict not to indict Wilson, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not he would resign. News broke this weekend that he has, in fact, decided to step down from his position as a police officer.

 Daily Mail continues:

He told the St. Louis Dispatch that he was resigning because of his ‘own free will’ and didn’t want to put his colleagues at risk by staying.

Wilson said stepping down is the ‘hardest thing I’ve ever had to do’ and said being a cop is the only thing he ever wanted to do.

In his resignation letter, the recently-married Wilson said his presence put the residents and officers of Ferguson at risk.  He now hopes the community will be able to ‘heal’ following weeks of violence and protests.

In more news from Ferguson, one dynamic photo between a cop and protestor is going viral.

Photographer Johnny Nguyen caught the moment a tearful 12-year-old boy sincerely hugged a cop during protests. Apparently, the young boy was giving out “free hugs,” the officer wanted one, and the rest was history.

Time reports:

“I saw tears running down Devonte’s face and a sign that said free hugs around his neck,” Nguyen, 20, recalls. “There was a lot going on, but my gut told right then and there to stay with this kid.”

Nguyen followed Devonte through the crowd and watched as a white Portland police officer named Bret Barnum looked at Devonte’s sign and asked, “Do I get one of those?” The pair hugged.

“It has spread the message of coming together despite our differences,” says Nguyen of the photo, which he put on Instagram. “The message is about love and compassion and finding a common ground.”

After the hug, the two went their separate ways: the 12-year-old Hart to go protest, and Barnum to do police work.

We are keeping Ferguson in our prayers.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Time | PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Nguyen Instagram

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