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Now that marijuana is slowly, but surely, becoming legal across America, researchers are in the works of making a marijuana breathalyzer. This will determine if drivers are under the influence of marijuana. The breathalyzer could prove to be a lot more convenient than the blood test method of detection police currently use. [Daily Mail]

Two boys from upstate New York survived being covered in 5 feet of snow thanks to an air bubble that formed. The cousins were in the process of building a snow fort when a snowplow drove by, causing the fort to collapse on top of them. After almost 7 hours of being buried, people from the community helped free the boys. [Gawker]

Hundreds came to St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Maryland in memory of Martin Salia, a surgeon who passed away from Ebola. Salia was honored and thanked for helping this country during a hard time. We pray for Salia’s family and loved ones. [Washington Post]


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