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Former Ferguson, Missouri cop, Darren Wilson (pictured), has reportedly been receiving round-the-clock protection from the national Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).  The officers who are guarding Wilson are not receiving pay to guard him and are doing so in their off-duty time according to CNNWilson, who fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown this summer, has received numerous personal threats against his life, says his lawyer.

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Wilson recently retired from the police force, after a St. Louis County grand jury decided not to charge him in the August 9 shooting death of Brown.  Despite his resignation, members of the national FOP voluntarily opted to provide Wilson with protection that has included his being placed at various undisclosed safe havens over these last four months to shield him from any possible retribution.

Wilson is not paying a red cent for these security services.

According to FOP spokesperson, Jim Pasco, his organization had to step in to shield Wilson from any harm because the Ferguson police were either “unwilling or unable” to offer some form of protection.

Wilson has reportedly received death threats via email, phone and social media and according to his lawyer, Neil Bruntrager, “There were bounties that had been placed upon his life,” he told CNN.

In the meantime, Wilson and his ‘watchdogs’ are reportedly keeping a low profile which means no marked cars or obvious-looking police personnel guarding his home.

During the time between the shooting and the grand jury announcement, Wilson did come up for air when he married his girlfriend and a fellow police officer Barbara Spradling in late October at a local courthouse.  Barely one month later, Wilson announced in a televised interview that his bride is pregnant but did not say when she is expected to deliver.

Pasco said the officers would continue to protect Wilson “as long as we have to.”

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