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Cedric the Entertainer, Sherri Shepherd, and Ben Vereen are three of the many celebrities to star in Chris Rock‘s new film Top Five.

Cedric – who plays a promoter and the “motherf*cking man in Houston” – talked about his role and his wild sex scene with Karlie Redd, including how that scene mirrors some comedians’ time on the road.

“The scene is just getting more and more over the top. Chris was like, ‘let’s just go there.’ When you read it on the paper, at first of all I was like, ‘Oh no. I don’t know. I’m not sure.’ I was like, ‘Chris, you sure you want me to…’ I was like, man I’m going to need some prayer before I do this scene. This was going pretty graphic, but then you think about some of your nights on the road back in the day, then you’re like, yeah, I get it.”

Playing Chris Rock’s father, Ben Vereen spoke about the difference between this dad and his classic role playing Will Smith’s father on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

“Chris’s dad is a total drunk, to where Will’s dad is an escape artist,” he said.

Sherri takes on the role of Chris Rock’s ex-girlfriend and reveals what it was like filming in the projects.

“It was crazy! First of all, we were in the projects in this hot-house and there were roaches crawling everywhere. Literally, we were like, ‘we ain’t seen roaches in so long.’ We said to Chris, we have clawed our way out and we are back!”

Top Five is in theaters everywhere December 12th.

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