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After Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for shooting down unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, St. Louis back in August, the country was outraged, especially the hip-hop community.

Many artists spoke out on the continued injustices occurring in the country, with Mike Brown’s death being at the center of majority of the protests, and Fabolous was one of them.

While stopping in St. Louis over the weekend, the Young OG Project rapper had a chance to meet with Mike Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., and shared the incredible moment of them posing with their hands up on his Instagram.

Fab captioned the photo:

Brother Shaheed, Myself, & Michael Brown Sr.

Coming to St. Louis it was important to me as a Brother, as a Man & as a Father to go to Ferguson & see it for myself & to also meet Michael Brown Sr. His strength gives us all strength! My heart, prayers, & respect goes out to the Brown Family. Thank You@loosecannonslim for makin this happen!

Fab also performed at the State of Emergency 2 concert in the city, which was to promote anti-violence. We’re sure it was a very inspirational weekend.