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Why are celebrity children so damn cute?

Omarion and Apryl Jones televised the home birth of their first born child on VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” back in August. It’s obvious we love the “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise, but no one could’ve predicted how obsessed we’d be with Omarion and Apryl’s baby boy, Megaa.

He’s so cute, chubby, and basically has the BEST HAIR EVER. Not to mention, he’s also a baby genius (see his vocal ability below).

We think he’s the most adorable baby to stunt on the ‘Gram in the past five months, so here’s 24 pictures of Megaa cuteness.

Warning: he’s super cute, so ladies and gentlemen, don’t get any ideas if you’re not ready to have a kid of your own.

Scroll and melt.


24 Adorable Pictures Of Omarion’s Son Megaa (PHOTOS)
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