Kid Ink is gearing up for a second album and this time around, he wants everyone to know he alone is the force behind his hits – not his guest appearances.

While commenting on his banger “Hotel,” a fan mentioned that Chris Brown adds to artists’ careers by jumping on their songs.

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Well, we mentioned that to Kid Ink and he clarified his working relationship with Chris Brown and other artists. Sitting down in the No Judgment Zone, the 28-year-old said:

“I definitely wrote the record. It’s funny to me when people say that, and I think it’s my job now to get across how much of the actual writing and production I’m putting towards these records. For me in the beginning, I don’t care about the publishing and all that extra stuff, I just want these records to sound hot. Now it’s getting to a point where you really want to get those credits and be like, ‘Yo, I’m involved a lot more,’ when you see people saying that you’re not involved. Yeah, Chris sung that hook, but he didn’t write the hook.”

The Cali rapper explains that it’s his own writing landing him the hits.

“I presented the hook and I think that what helps me get the feature more than anything is presenting a record that the people are like, ‘This is a hit already, so if I can’t get on it, then I’m a part of the record and we can make it bigger.’ So that’s the whole goal when I write records.”

Kid Ink’s Full Speed album is due out February 3rd. Watch more from his interview above.

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