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The rumor mill has been buzzing around Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill in the past month or so, speculating that the two are a new couple, and it looks like the rumors might be true.

While the two have been going back and forth with subliminals on social media, and commenting on each other’s posts, Nicki just posted a photo to her Instagram of the Philly rapper kissing up on the “Pinkprint” MC. The two, who have been nicknamed “Omeeka” as their couple title, recently hosted a club event together, and fans were wondering if the two would confirm their relationship.

While we can’t tell if anything is official, it’s clear that Nicki and Meek have quite the soft spot for each other.

Ms. Minaj has been speaking out about her breakup to her boyfriend of 10 years, Safaree, in recent interviews, and the two have been taking to social media to respond to each other’s statements. Hopefully the storm has settled, and the two can move on with their new happiness.

Do you guys think Omeeka is real, or are they just friends?


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