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When it comes to Kanye West, we can’t resist tuning in whenever he goes off on one of his infamous rants.

The tirades are usually filled with many gems, whether it be about society’s views on music, fashion, or even racial issues, and his recent speech at the LA Fashion Awards was no different.

Speaking to the crowd at the show, he admitted by the end of the speech, “I don’t know if I even made one fucking good point,” after touching on lawyers, designers, nudity, and more. Check out some of the highlights from The Fader below.

Designers > Lawyers

“The fashion is what defines the time. People can think they are in a high class or status or contribute more to the world because they work on bombs, or technology, or their school teachers, any of those professions where any time you say it, everyone’s like ‘You’re a lawyer, that’s great.’ Lawyer? Motherfucker?”

Fashion = Zeitgeist

“There are no movies without fashion. We define the times, we set in stone, what did 2015 mean? What did 2014 mean? I always told Anna [Wintour], I want to be in the middle of that conversation… where she was talking about the blue sweater. Me and my crew, these straight black guys from Chicago… wanted to say, let’s make the conversation shorter from where the blue sweater goes from a Wang show to when it hits Kohl’s.”

Imagery > Currency

“This is pre-instagram, pre all that shit, before people wanted to show what they had, before imagery was the new currency.”

Nudity = Illegal

“That word, ‘fashion insider’—everyone’s a fashion insider. It’s illegal to be naked. Everyone has some form of fashion every day.”

Design = Godly

“I believe God is the ultimate creator… when we create, it’s an extension of his work, here on this earth… Design is the closest to truth, problem solving. Truth is the closest to love. Love is the closest thing to God, and God is love. But we have to be unselfish in our approach.”

While we’re digesting Yeezy’s messages from his recent speeches, Pigeons And Planes recently got their hands on an old Kanye interview from Emixshow DJ magazine, which was from the pre-College Dropout years.

He talks about his debut album, which was upcoming at the time, producing, as well as his taste in clothing.

See some highlights from the old Kanye interview below:

What’s up with your album?

It’s called College Dropout, and it’s supposed to come out this summer; it’s been moved up because people at Def Jam are really liking it. I don’t want no hip-hoppers to miss out on it. Not doin’ shit that is supposed to be for the culture is what I do for the culture. Anything you try and say, I’m gonna flip and get sarcastic. If I was on Rawkus, I would say I’m a gangsta rapper. If I was on Roc-A-Fella, I would say I’m a backpacker. But I’m all of them. I’m not even one person.

Are you doing all the production and all the rhymes on the album?

Yeah, but because I do really good beats people think the rhymes are not going to be adequate. The combination of the phenomenal beats I have with the subject matter that I talk about, it’s a perfect blend. I feel like I’m gonna give my greatest gift to the hip-hop world by rapping on my own beats.

Do you prefer rapping to producing?

No, I prefer making beats. I prefer having something to play in my car, I’m not gonna play a cappella stuff. Watch, maybe this time next year I’ll be a wack producer, but for right now I don’t really need to listen to beats in the car. I’m very proficient at it.

Do you seek out your own sounds or do you rely on pre-made sound disks?

Basically, people come out with albums, and I jack their drums. I hardly ever use drums from an actual record like “real hip-hop producers” do. This is a new form of music: broke hip-hop. I can’t spend $40 on some drums, I’m trying to get some new gym shoes. I’m not really into equipment. I just spend all my money on clothes.

Can you tell me about your car accident?

Yeah, if I had died that would have been real hectic. One conclusion I came to from everything while I was sittin’ there [in the hospital] seeing rappers and how they look on TV is that I am gonna be the best-dressed rapper.


Yeah, you know, before the accident, I liked clothes, and after the accident, I really started liking clothes ’cause you never know when you gonna be gone.

There’s quite a difference between Kanye then and Kanye now, but he’s still the same passionate guy who’s making an impact.

SOURCE: Pigeons And Planes

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