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Free Weezy.

Things aren’t looking good over at Cash Money Records. It’s no secret Lil Wayne and Tyga aren’t on good terms with Birdman, which they publicly announced via Twitter, but there’s more to the story than unpaid royalties and delayed album releases.

The good folks at Rolling Stone caught up with Lil Wayne down in Miami to discuss the future of Cash Money, his $51 million lawsuit against his “father,” and the state of his long-delayed Tha Carter V album.

Wayne tells Rolling Stone that he and Birdman are no longer on speaking terms. “I have no words,” he says. “I’m super-numb to it, to tell you the truth.”

“That’s a legal matter, homeboy,” he says. As for the “I am a prisoner” tweet from December, he tries to play it off with a sex joke at first: “I love being a prisoner in some pussy. That’s what I meant.” After we talk some more, he admits that the legal wrangling has been weighing on his mind. “I’m human,” he says. “But it’s nothing that a good blunt can’t cure.”

Lil Wayne also revealed his long-delayed Tha Carter V album is “super done,” but he’s planning on releasing The Free Weezy Album sometime in March.

Hopefully, Lil Wayne and Birdman will resolve their issues, but at this point, it’s looking very unlikely. Read the entire interview over at Rolling Stone.


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