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Over the past two years, we’ve watched Kim Kardashian and Kanye West crash at Kris Jenner‘s casa until their $20 million home was done being built.

Now KimYe has the marriage, the carriage, and the house. But surprisingly enough, it’s not Kim who’s the most excited about the new space – it’s North. Kim revealed to E! that Nori absolutely loves having her own space.

“Oh, it’s like she’s taken over already. We have her playroom and she loves her room. She loves having her own space,” she said.

Kimmy continued on about her pricey new mansion:

“Still a lot of work to do. When it’s done it will be amazing. I’ve lived in a one-bedroom room at my mom’s house that was so crazy-colorful that I was getting a headache every time I would go in the room. Imagine me, Kanye and my daughter, and we had a tiny closet for the three of us, and it just feels so good just to have my own space and my own bed.”

Meanwhile, Nori has been spending time hanging with her Auntie Koko.

Khloe took to Instagram to share a few moments of North being her usual adorable self.

Congrats KimYe on finally moving out of mama’s house.


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