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On late Monday, a man was on his way home via St. Louis’ MetroLink train when he was attacked after not voicing his opinion on the late Michael Brown.

According to CNN:

The second man, who was white, didn’t want to answer the question. Then the first man, who was black, boxed him in the face. Two more African-American men joined in the beating, according to a police report.

It was caught on surveillance cameras on the MetroLink train and a passenger recorded it with a cell phone and posted the video online. It has gone viral.

The victim, who chose to remain unnamed, was left with a bruised face and forehead. He claims witnesses were laughing when the incident occurred and says he was appalled when no one called for help.

The metro system’s surveillance camera managed to capture clear images of his attackers’ faces and police are currently searching for the men.

To watch the graphic video, click here.


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