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South Korean rapper Keith Ape’s “It G Ma” featuring Japanese rappers Loota and Kohh went viral a few weeks ago when it garnered attention for copying Atlanta rapper OG Maco’s viral street anthem “U Guessed It.”

OG Maco maintains he’s not “impressed” or “inspired” by “It G Ma.” He actually thinks the blatant imitation is “kinda lame.” Back in February, OG Maco tweeted:

“I’m aware of the Koreans who mocked me and took my sauce.”

Despite the controversy, Keith Ape is making his rounds across the States to perform his online hit, and New York City was second on the list. Following his Los Angeles performance, Keith Ape performed for a packed house at New York City’s SOB’s.

Loota and Kohh were unable to make this performance, so Keith had a few homies – Okasian and JayAllday – take their place. Watch his performance up top and tell us what you think in the comment section below. 

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