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Seven years of dangerously in love.

Since their wedding day, Beyonce and Jay Z have remained a private couple – all while blessing the world with some of our favorite songs and the adorable toddler that is Blue Ivy. So, it’s only right that their anniversary be celebrated in a big way. And what could be better than a romantic getaway to Hawaii?

During the trip, the Carters have taken time out to greet fans and Bey even offered performance pointers to a young girl getting ready for her school talent show, saying, “Stay focused and don’t get nervous. There’s no need to be.”

Also, the number one power couple was spotted riding in the back of a pick-up truck. Not quite the Maybachs and Rolls Royces they’re used to, but even with their millions, they’re still down to earth. Click here for pictures.

While away, a special clip was posted to what appears to be Jay Z’s Instagram to commemorate their special date. The clip, from the duo’s “Forever Young/Halo” performance on HBO, features a snippet of their wedding video.

Happy anniversary to the Carters.


Beyonce & Jay Z Wrap OTR Tour, Share Vacation Pics (PHOTOS)
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