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Nick Cannon might not have wanted to completely say goodbye to their love affair, but Mariah Carey is hitting the kill switch.

The “Butterfly” singer said she’s not going back to Nick Cannon, even after he was caught on camera saying “never say never.” Mimi says she likes Nick as a person but nothing more, and there won’t be a romantic connection between them again. TMZ reports:

She’s not in the market for anyone right now. Mariah has a residency in Vegas that’s just weeks away, She’s also into raising the twins. When she’s not working she goes to Eleuthera, her private Island in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, Nick is busy working on a new film called King Of The Dancehall, for which he’s buffed up and is working on some accompanying dance moves.

Even if Mariah isn’t interested, Nick probably won’t have a problem finding another lady-love.


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