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Get your tissues out, this video’s a tear-jerker.

Weeks after her emotional “Eternal Sunshine” music video was released, Def Jam songstress Jhene Aiko offers a behind the scenes look at her heartfelt visual.

The Jay Ahn-directed video features reenactments of Jhene’s actual life, including a scene where her daughter Nami depicts a young Jhene playing with her late brother Miyagi, who died from cancer in 2012, as well as the terrible car accident she survived in 2013.

“We reenacted the car accident that I was in. I’m ascending from my body. I basically died in this video. Miyoko and Nami, my sister and my daughter… I got them to reenact their parts. I wasn’t driving in the real accident, but for the sake of the video I am. I was in the backseat,” she said.

The behind the scenes footage also features Jhene’s older siblings Jahi Chilombo and Miyoko Chilombo, who visited the set to show support. Things turn emotional when Jhene begins to review scenes they shot from the previous day. Reminiscing about her brother Miyagi, Jhene breaks down in the kitchen of her grandmother’s Slauson Hills home.

It’s a tough watch, but the video offers insight into who Jhene Aiko really is.

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