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UPDATE: 5/21/15 

A version of Drake and Beyonce’s collaborative song “Can I” has leaked. It features a singer named Sal Houdini, and we’re still unclear if this is actually the final version. Apparently, the song was accidentally leaked by Sal. Who knows, but he posted this on Instagram:

Take a listen below.


Girls love Beyonce, and so does Drake.

We’ve heard rumors about Drake and Beyonce allegedly reuniting in the studio, well here’s what we got so far – a 12-second snippet.

The snippet is super quick and if you aren’t listening intently, you may miss Beyonce’s subtle contribution to Drake’s “Can I.” The song is reportedly supposed to be featured on Drake’s forthcoming album Views From The 6, but nothing’s confirmed as of yet.

Back in 2014, Drake and Beyonce collaborated on her candid ballad “Mine,” which is featured on her award-winning self-titled album.

Take a listen to a snippet of “Can I” below.


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