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Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are EVERYTHING. Literally, every SINGLE thing.

The Queen Barb and Queen Bey literally made the world stop when they exclusively released their “Feeling Myself” video yesterday. Legit, the world stopped spinning on its axis and gravity became a dated phenomenon for at least four whole minutes.

Besides the “level 10” girl power action and the guerrilla-style cinematography, our favorite thing about watching O’Beyka’s infectious chemistry was the illustrious fashions they were sporting in the Coachella Valley desert heat.

The woman responsible for making Beyonce and Nicki look like two big bags of money was stylist Marni Senofonte.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Marni revealed most of the items were already in Beyonce’s closet and that O’Beyka’s chemistry is not for show – it’s real.

“It was a total girlfriend vibe. Totally, like ‘you wear this, no you should wear this. Oh no, you look better in that,'” she said.

We still can’t find our wigs after they were snatched off yesterday, so we decided to round up every single time Beyonce and Nicki made the world stop.

Stay calm, and enjoy O’Beyka below.

Gotta stay wet for these dry hoes…

How queens eat cheeseburgers

Cooking never looked so good

The poster girls for aaaaallll this…

The lip gloss poppin’ and so is the photobomb

The bae version of the “you can’t see me”

Pure skills

How Black babes sunbathe

Snatching wigs and flipping weaves

It ain’t nothing but a hair flip. No, really. 

Third ward trill

A how-to-guide on changing the force of gravity 

Totally what girls do when they’re in the bathroom too long

How could something so pretty, be so gangsta

Guess who doesn’t drop her alcohol? 

Middle finger to the law…

Yassss….stop the world, change the world, run the world

Ahhhh…we die, we die. 

SOURCE: Marie Claire | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Giphy

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