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Kim Kardashian is speaking out about her sister’s brand new lips.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star gave her full support to her sister Kylie, who as we all know now, uses temporary lip fillers to help boost her confidence.

“I saw how for so many years she was so insecure about it,” Kardashian told Billy Bush when he asked about Jenner’s recent confession. “I mean, at 10 years old, she would say to me, ‘How come my lips aren’t big like you guys’?’ And I would see this insecurity…For me, I gave her advice and I still stand by that advice. I think it changed her confidence so much.”

Now, Kylie’s pout game is strong and she even bagged a rapper. Kim is also giving Kylie some solid advice: know when to say when to all the cosmetic surgery.

“I think there are limits and there are boundaries, for sure. I think that you have to know the difference,” she explained. “She did something that made her feel better about herself and that’s kind of where you have to draw the line, and she knows that. She doesn’t have a desire to do anything else.”

Do you think Kylie will know when to stop getting work done?

SOURCE: Us Weekly, Access Hollywood | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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