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Although he’s been absent on the music scene recently, Akon has been working to bring electricity to 600 million Africans with his initiative Lighting Africa.

At the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Forum, Akon announced his plan to launch a new solar academy for the continent.

Reports say that the academy would help with developing the skills and training of  future entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians in Bamako, the capital of Mali.

The website for Akon’s Lighting Africa program released a press release stating:

“This professional training center of excellence is a first on the continent and targets future African entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians. It aims to reinforce expertise in every aspect of installing and maintaining solar-powered electric systems and micro-grids in particular, which are really taking off in rural Africa.”

Lighting Africa has already installed street lights and small household  solar systems in 14 countries. With 320 days of sunshine per year, Africa is ideal for developing solar power.


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