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This week on Extra Butter with BlogXillawe get all the dirt on the Entourage movie. I went out to Beverly Hills, California to the luxurious Montage, where the actors that play Vinny Chase, Drama, Turtle, and E were there to answer all my questions.

I even got to spend some time drooling over the specially designed concept Cadillac the guys drove around in the movie.

First you’ll get to see a bit of my chat with Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly, who were psyched they got to promote a film they believe in. Then, you’ll hear the cast’s favorite Ari Gold quotes. And as always in Extra Butter, I’ll give you a look at a clip from the film.

Check out more from the Entourage movie, out on June 3rd, in the video above.


“Pimp My Ride” – The Best Of The Worst
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