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50 Cent discussed his two-a-day gym routine in preparation for his FRIGO Revolution Wear underwear shoot with E! News, which then segued into a conversation about his two-year-old son, Sire, who also has a modeling contract.

Sire’s contract was revealed to be for $700,000, which indicates that his money has the potential to be literally taller than him. At the mention of his name, Sire (50’s son with his ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy) came out to the stage, Matchbox cars in tow, to sit on his dad’s lap for the remainder of the segment. And hilarity ensued.

E! News anchor Kristin dos Santos even suggested a future girlfriend for Sire in North West. Let’s be honest; North West doesn’t even have a modeling contract. Something tells us Sire won’t have an issue with the ladies when he comes of age.

Check out the adorable interview featuring 50 and his mini-me up above. You can also catch the second season of Power (produced by 50) when it premieres June 6th on Starz.


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