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It’s safe to say Nicki Minaj‘s ex Safaree Samuels is taking the good ol’ fashion post-breakup vent to a whole other level, and let’s just say… he’s not holding anything back. 

Safaree’s song “Love The Most,” written in response to the end of his and Minaj’s 12-year relationship, will be released at the end of the week. TMZ got a hold of a segment of it today, and the one minute clip gives Samuels more than enough time to go off on the woman he “thought would’ve had [his] kid.”

This isn’t the first sign that Samuels did not take the breakup lightly. When they initially parted ways in December, Scaff Beezy had reportedly “been reclusive, spending most of his days and nights smoking weed and talking openly about suicide.” He resented Minaj’s relationship with current boyfriend Meek Mill, who he felt was responsible for their breakup in the first place.

Samuels raps to Minaj, “we made it on the rise, ain’t no green in my eyes, cause we both went to sleep in the same bed of lies.” Ouch.

Listen below.


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