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Tyga and Kylie Jenner got pulled over on their way to Disneyland to celebrate North West‘s birthday this weekend.

Nothing like getting pulled over while riding dirty with your underage girlfriend. TMZ has a photo of the unconventional couple getting a nice talking to by the officer.

Tyga was stopped for going 82 mph, but got off without getting a speeding ticket. He did, however, get two tickets for tinted windows and not having plates.

Tyga, why you don’t got plates, son?

Kylie and the rapper spent the day together, shopping for jewelry, digging for boogers, making fried chicken, going to the movies, and Snapchatting it all.

Kylie even revealed one of the reasons why Tyga got her name tatted on him: she’s a freak. If you don’t follow Ms. Jenner on Snapchat, do yourself a favor and add her, now.


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