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Yesterday, a bachelorette party turned into a tragedy in Long Island. Eight women were riding in a limousine when their vehicle was struck by a drunk hit-and-run driver, leaving the limo “almost cut in half.” The four victims of the accident were bridesmaids. [Daily News]

The sideshow that is Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign continues, and now he’s facing new backlash over controversial comments he made about a member of his own party. After recently describing John McCain as “a dummy,” Trump questioned McCain’s war hero status saying, “he’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” On Twitter, many condemned the comments, including members of the GOP. [THR]

After losing his temporary job as a human resources manager last week, a 47-year old father murdered his two sons before turning the gun on himself. Julian Roary and his eldest son, Julian Jr., were pronounced dead at the scene. 10-year old Ian died at a nearby hospital. Both boys were shot in an upstairs bedroom. Relatives say Roary had been struggling to find full-time work since 2009. [Baltimore Sun]

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