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It’s an extremely sad moment any time a celebrity passes away, but it’s even more heartbreaking when they die at a young age.

Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away just days ago, on July 26th. It was 6 months after Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia home on Saturday, January 31st. Brown never fully regained consciousness and was being kept on life support following the incident.

After her death, father Bobby Brown was inconsolable.

Whenever tragedies like this happen, they make us think “what if.” What if Bobbi Kristina Brown would’ve filled the shoes of her beloved mother, Whitney Houston? What if Heath Ledger had never played the Joker? What if Paul Walker hadn’t gotten into that car, or Amy Winehouse had gone to rehab?

At the end of the day, we have no choice but to remember these celebrities for what they did, who they were, and as tough as it may be, we can’t dwell on all the things they unfortunately can never be.

This is a tribute to 20 unforgettable, unbelievably talented celebrities, all of whom passed away at a young age.


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