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Two NASCAR drivers got into a physical altercation after one driver lightly tapped the side of the other guy’s car. The fight was broken up quickly and neither driver won the race. [Complex]

Five children and three adults were found dead in a Houston home following their encounter with a gunman on Saturday evening. Deputies discovered the suspect began shooting from the inside. A homicide team is still investigating. [CNN]

A total of 7 people were critically injured in a hit-and-run crash that occurred in Hollywood. A 1-month-old boy, a 2-year-old boy, and a 16-year-old girl were three of the victims injured by the incident. [Daily Mail]

Donald Trump has been raising eyebrows left and right. On Friday night, during an interview with CNN, Trump made a very misogynistic comment about Fox News host Megyn Kelly that left viewers dumbfounded. After seemingly bringing up Kelly’s menstruation cycle, and insinuating that it affected her ability to do her job, Trump’s campaign made an attempt at clarifying his statement. Read about it here.  [E! Online]


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