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The Kardashians and Jenners have magically found a way to get paid thousands of dollars just for being themselves.

According to TMZ, not only did Kylie Jenner score six figures for hosting her 18th birthday party in Montreal, but so did the clubs and promoters. Sources revealed that Beachclub raked in $150,000 for the big day, and the promoters took home around $100,000 ($300K at the door, but they paid Kylie $200K to show up).

Olivier Primeau, Beachclub’s owner, revealed to TMZ that he spent an additional $30,000 just to be certain that everything went perfectly for Kylie’s day. Where did the money go exactly?

— $1,500 to build a deck so she wouldn’t have to walk in the sand in her heels.

— $4,000 for 2 specially built private bathrooms near the stage, so Kylie wouldn’t have to go thumping through the crowd to use the restroom.

— $10,000 for security, which included 100 security guards.

They don’t call her King Kylie for nothing.


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