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Caitlyn Jenner isn’t here for Kris Humphries, especially after he hated on her recent gender transition.

During a heart-to-heart with Scott Disick in a new clip from an upcoming episode of I Am Cait, Cait inquires about what the guys might think of her living life as a woman following 65 years of machismo. The topic soon turns to Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband of 72 days, with Cait recalling a tweet that the Wizards baller posted online shortly after the news broke.

“Kris… idiot Humphries tweets, ‘Thank God I got out of that family in time.’ And just got absolutely ripped, just ripped. To the point that four hours later, he had to apologize,” Cait said.

Check out Cait give Kris a piece of her mind in the clip above. Also, Scott keeps it all the way real – we hope he’s able to get it together again and be there for his family soon.

In other Caitlyn news, the reality TV star may be charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter following her involvement in a fatal car crash this past February. The incident left one woman dead, and detectives think the D.A. should charge Caitlyn for her untimely passing.

Huffington Post reports:

According to ABC7, detectives are recommending that the district attorney charge Jenner with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. According to the report, Jenner was not speeding, but she was still traveling at an unsafe speed for road conditions when her Escalade rear-ended two cars, pushing Kim Howe’s car into oncoming traffic, causing the fatal crash.

TMZ had previously reported that Jenner was unlikely to face felony charges, however,  if convicted on the misdemeanor charge, she faces up to a year in county jail.

According to the Los Angeles Times, detectives will also present evidence against Jessica Steindorff, the driver of the Toyota Prius involved in the crash who has filed a lawsuit against Jenner. Detective Richard Curry told the paper Steindorff was driving on a suspended license and could be charged with a crime.

Kim Howe’s children are also pursuing a wrongful death suit against Cait at this time. We will keep you posted as more details emerge.

SOURCE: Us Weekly, Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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