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We all know Amber Rose is all for female empowerment, but some people would do anything to bring shame to her name.

Earlier this week, numerous sites reported that an old UStream posted by Muva was being used to lure women into a prostitution ring.

The YBF reports:

According to reports, a company used the budding actress’ likeness to lure young ladies into a prostitution ring. The people behind the company used an old Ustream clip created by Amber, making the eager fans/aspiring models believe they would be used “for a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line,” according to reports.

The naïve young women were then told they would get the opportunity to interview the blonde bombshell through FaceTime. Once on the “call” with the Sister Code star, the culprits would play the Ustream for a few minutes before the call was cut short due to an alleged bad connection.

The optimistic models were then told they could better their chances to be chosen if they went out on a few dates with men chosen by the company. And if they really wanted to catapult their career they would have to have sex with the men they went out on dates with. One of the women contacted the Los Angeles Police Department and they are currently investigating.

Amber caught wind of the mess and spoke out:

During an interview with The Doctors, Amber went on and spoke on how she felt about the scandal:

I was in shock, because I’m all for woman empowerment and to see something like that, it made me really sad. I was young and easily manipulated just like these girls. Thank God, I didn’t fall into anything like that.

Meanwhile, her baby boy Sebastian is sure to make anyone smile. In her latest Instagram video, the two-year-old is heard spilling details about his latest adventures.

It doesn’t get any cuter than that. Wait, actually, it does:

We love them.


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