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Alessia Cara’s new EP is finally here, and she’s not feeling indifferent about it.

The Def Jam newcomer releases her debut EP Four Pink Walls after her socially-awkward single “Here” went viral on the internet. The five-track EP features “Here,” and four other records titled “Seventeen,” “Four Pink Walls,” “I’m Yours,” and “Outlaw.”

Instead of streaming the EP on Soundcloud, the Canadian singer/songwriter decided to release the EP on YouTube as individual tracks. Each song is accompanied by homemade videos shot by Alessia herself.

Check out all the videos and explanations Alessia posted below.

“Four Pink Walls” 

Words From Alessia:

“I thought I’d shoot this one in my room since the song is about my bedroom walls. Although they’re not pink anymore, I still feel the same when I sit and stare at them. here’s me changing outfits in my four-used-to-be-pink-walls.”


Words From Alessia: 

“shout out to def jam for the cool record player. thought I’d incorporate it in this video because outlaws has a very old school, throwback feel to it. Hope u like it :))”

“I’m Yours” 

Words From Alessia: 

“creepy man in a tree: casual Sunday. that’s my brother playing the unwanted love interest lol. thanks dario”


Words From Alessia: 

“filmed this in my hotel room in New Zealand. I call it “the poor mans 7/11 video”‘


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