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It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner loves to turn things up a notch, but her latest photoshoot may be her raciest one yet.

The reality star shared a sneak peek from the shoot called “Wet & Wild,” and if that name wasn’t enough to give you pause (she is BARELY legal), wait until you see what she’s wearing.

Sporting only a tank top and a pair of see-through panties, Kylie can be seen rolling around in a bathtub and flashing her gold grill for the camera. The clip was apparently shared via her website and app. Recently, the teenager’s app skyrocketed to number one and surpassed that of her siblings as well. Content like this explains why.

But the shoot is supposed to be aimed at her fans, which largely consist of young teenage girls. Not sure how “Wet & Wild” fits in there.

Watch the preview photoshoot clip for yourself up top.


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