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The investigation into the shocking suicide of Jim Carrey‘s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Cathriona White, has uncovered new and tragic details.

According to TMZ, Cathriona, 30, attempted to end her own life once before following her father’s sudden death in 2012. Last week, she committed suicide with a cocktail of prescription pills on the third anniversary of his passing.

Additionally, a hateful message from her mother may have triggered her suicide as well. TMZ continues:

We’re told White’s friends told investigators on Cathriona’s birthday — just days before her suicide — she received a hateful message from her estranged biological mother who called her a “failure.”

The harsh message, along with the difficult anniversary and her breakup with Jim, all seem to have combined for a horrible outcome. In another twist, a marriage license has been uncovered that appears to prove Cathriona was married to a man named Mark Burton throughout her relationship with Jim. See it here.

“As far as Jim was concerned, Cathriona was separated,” a source told Us. “She was going to start divorce proceedings in December. There is no way that Jim Carrey would have taken her out to public places if he thought she was married.”

We’ll keep you posted as this situation continues to develop.

SOURCE: TMZ, Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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